The New Checkers

Tonight, my son Hudson wanted to play checkers with me. Great, right? Except he’s never played checkers and to my knowledge didn’t have the first clue as to how to play.

But what Dad can turn down his 5 year old son asking to play checkers? Not this one.

So, we sat down on the floor and I began to explain to him how the game was played. I was clear, concise, and I thought for sure he’d pick up on the rules quickly. Well, if you know Hudson you know that I should have known better.

On his first turn, he moved one of his checkers from the back row to the front row.
On his second turn, he moved another checker sideways.
On his third turn, he rolled a four.

Click on the photo and you’ll notice his unique checker placement. And the dice.

Clearly we weren’t playing the same game.

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