A few weeks ago, someone (or several someones) thought it’d be funny to throw lima beans all over my yard while I slept. This was also the night they wrapped my car in saran wrap after painting the windows and dropping handfuls of Fruity Pebbles all over my bushes and mulch.

Well, unbeknownst to me, those beans are not entirely harmless, as first thought. It seems those beans have transformed my front lawn into a veritible lima bean wonderland. I have pulled them out by the roots and they have returned with avengence. My parents spent far too long on their far too brief trip here stooped over in my front yard, trying to fight back the tide of limas. But to no avail. They have returned.

Just this morning I mowed them down and I can nearly guarantee that in a few days all those sprouts will be back again, laughing at me as I’m sure someone (or several someones) are right now.

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