Loved or Vandalized?

I woke up yesterday morning to quite a surprise. Apparently while I slept, some jokesters decorated my lawn with Fruity Pebbles (the colorful cerea that can’t be picked up), and a dozen eggs under the welcome mat at my front door. Not only that, but they painted my car windows with “Class of ’09” and then saran wrapped my entire car. They even took great care to even wrap under the car as well. Certainly whoever the culprits, they did a great job–and whatever their goal was, they achieved it. But I had to wonder, who would have done this?

I lead a small group of high schoolers, who all happen to be graduating this year (their ceremonies were this weekend, actually). So, I soon decided that out of sheer love and good humor, they decided to decorate their small group leader’s lawn and car. Even as I unwrapped my car and my kids helped pick the silly string from my driveway, I couldn’t help but feel the love. I mean if they hadn’t loved me, the probably would have thrown rocks through my window with menacing, threatening messages attached to them. So, I chalked it up to love and gladly washed my car.

End of the story? Not quite.

They also threw countless lima beans across my front yard. These beans promptly took root and now I have lima bean plants all over my front yard. Even after pulling them out by the roots repeatedly, even after mowing them down, they return undaunted. So, it seems as though I have become an involuntary bean farmer.

At least now I have an excuse to buy a tractor.

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