Jesus had 12, too.

Over a month ago, curiosity got the better of me. You see, as someone who writes and likes the idea that someone besides me and my Mom are reading it, I get a bit curious as to who’s out there reading what I’m writing. Egotistical, you say? Fair enough.

If the poll that I set up for the past month is any indication, I’m a blogger for a sum total of 12 individuals. And to those 12 I say, “Thanks. A lot.” I’d certainly continue writing without any readers, but honestly you 12 help me keep going. You bug me when my blog gets stale and a few of you have even dared to comment on one or more posts. And to this blogger, that’s fuel.

Here’s a snapshot of the stats collected by the poll:
This is my first time to Jerry’s blog:
4 readers (We may never see them again.)
I have read it once before:
1 reader
I have read it several times, but I’ve never posted a comment:
3 readers
I have read it several times, and have commented:
4 readers

So, instead of analyzing what all these numbers mean (which I think is impossible), I’d simply like to dedicate this post to those 12 hearty humans who took a split second to vote on the poll.

Here’s to you and here’s to 12 more!

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