"And I’d like to thank the Academy…"

My son Crews got a new Bible last week. It was a gift from the church we attend; they give a new Bible to all the 3rd graders. Pretty neat tradition.
He had a Bible we had gotten him, but apparently favored his new one, so today he gave his “old” one to his younger sister. Again, pretty neat.

Tonight, while my wife was tucking the boys in bed, Crews prayed thanking God for this and that, and right in the middle of his prayer said, “And I want to thank myself for giving Macy my old Bible.”

What a kid.

Realizing you’ve done a good thing doesn’t take the spotlight from God. I think in many ways it can help us keep the spotlight ON God. And besides, I’d dare say that God is proud of Crews giving his little sister his used Bible. I know I am.

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