Who’s digging deep?

I was talking with Steve the other day (like I do everyday, actually) and he had mentioned that at the Mixx on Sunday (he was at Courthouse campus), he had asked if anyone knew “The Great Commandment”. He broke the whole place into groups to discuss it. After a few minutes he asked everyone if anyone knew it.

One person did.
One person.
Just one.

Now, Steve had just been talking about the “Great Commission” which is found in Matt. 28:19. You can read that here if you don’t know it. Lots of people knew that one.

But sometimes what we don’t realize is that the “Great Commission” is best lived out through the “Great Commandment”. If you want to read the Great Commandment for yourself, then click here.

Jesus came to save the world. Not judge it, not condemn it, and not even fix it. He came to love and save every person. And ever since His ascension back to heaven, He has given His followers–you and I–the greatest responsibility and privilege: to be Him. We are His love poured out on the world, we are His mind, we are His hands, we are His feet, we are His words, we are His arms, we are His compassion, we are His grace; in that we carry all these things to every person we see. That’s our great commandment. Fulfilling this will fulfill the Great Commission.

It’s not the easiest life to live. It’s not the most popular. It’s not the most lucritive. It’s not the most comfortable. But you know what I’ve found? It’s often those who are most uncomfortable who do the most good.

In what ways does your faith make you uncomfortable in this world? Use the comment section to answer.

4 thoughts on “Who’s digging deep?

  1. What I find uncomfortable is that I don’t know if christianity is allowed in some places. Like school. I don’t know if I’d get in trouble for reading a bible.Lets get this website popular!

  2. Guess what Jerry? I sent out some e-mails telling people to come to this website and now some of my friends have voted in the poll. Isn’t that awesome?

  3. Faith!To your first comment…I think you’re voicing a question that lots of people have, especially Christians. There is much more detail than what I’ll share here, but know these things for sure:As a student, you CAN:1. Pray in school2. Read your Bible during non-instruction time (like lunch, study hall, before classes start, etc.)3. Wear Christian-themed clothing and/or buttons4. Share your faith with friends5. Start/lead a club on campus for prayer/Bible studyThere’s lots more than people maybe simply don’t know about! I’m not saying that as Christians we purposefully antagonize, but you definitetly should be aware of your rights as an American citizen and public school student. And about comment #2: I like how you’re sharing this site with your friends, I definitely hope they enjoy it, come back a lot, and comment on anything they see!See you soon, Faith!Jerry

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