When Dad Notices

The Trinity is a tricky thing that is really hard to understand for most people.

More on that later.

I started blogging a couple years ago. And ever since I started, I have also enjoyed following online “rabbit trails” that lead me to others’ blogs. I enjoy reading what other people are writing on their blogs. I like that little window into the thoughts and events of other people’s lives.

I stumbled upon one such blog this morning. Nevermind who it was or where it is; I simply found an immediate connection to this particular blog. The reason? The only comment in the comment section was a comment made from the blog author’s own Dad.

As a Dad myself, I constantly tell my kids that I’m their #1 fan. No one loves them with a father’s love but me and God. And no one can understand a father’s love but a father. And just like that blog I read today with the comment from the author’s Dad, touting and praising his son’s writing, I can say that I think I too have a fan in my own Dad.

Often, its my Dad who is commenting most or is most complimentary to something I’ve written. He’s biased, as all Dads are, but that’s okay with me, because I have that same bias toward my own kids.

The life of Christ was a life centered on His Father. The chief goal of Jesus’ earthly birth, life, death, and resurrection was to bring glory to the Father. That’s it. Oh sure, He came out of love for you and me, but Jesus was commissioned by God the Father to reconcile His children back to Him. The manger, the miracles, the teachings, the arrest, the trial, the cross, and the tomb were all components of the ultimate plan to reconnect the relationship between the Father and His children. And that was the entirety of Jesus’ life mission.

John 14 is an incredible place to see just how Jesus views His relationship with the Father and the Holy Spirit. In essence, Jesus was telling his disciples (and you and I) that His whole life is about bringing glory to the Father. Read the Gospels and you’ll see Jesus intent and passionate about that one thing: the Father’s glory. Additionally, we’re told that while I’m typing and you’re reading, the Son is in conversation with the Father in heaven, interceding for you and for me, all for purpose of bringing glory to God.

All of my life, and even to this day I can tell you that nothing quite gives me the satisfaction of knowing that my own Dad notices something that I’ve done. I sense his pride and revel in knowing that he approves of things I do, say, and write. I know this isn’t exclusive to sons, but I have to guess that there really is a special bond between father and son, just as there is between mother and son, and father and daughter.

My dad is one of wisest men I know. He is strong, he is caring, and he loves the Lord and the Lord’s people. I know I can always call him with any question and he seems to always be ready and willing to help me however he can. He knows the Word of God like no one else I know and even seems to enjoy the interchanges he and I have together in the Word. He is a “churchman” and by far one of my favorite “preachers”. What makes him such a powerful preacher is (I think) that in his chest is the heart of a teacher. He is not satisfied that you hear what he knows, but that you know what he knows. And if you’ve ever sat in a church service in your life, then you know the difference between those two things.

I hope that all of my children will always be blessed by my relationship with them, just as I am blessed by my relationship with my own Dad.

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