Our vacation so far….

I’m on vacation this week….sort of. Technically, I’ve taken time off from the office and ministry-related responsibilities….kind of. But we haven’t actually gone anywhere like out of town or anything. It’s what has become known as a “staycation”. And that’s fine with me. Sometimes the rigors of travel can have their own built-in tensions. So, this time I’m just fine with laying low.

One idea that we had was to go camping overnight. Someplace relatively close that could offer some recreational options like biking, hiking, and other outdoorsy stuff. However, the last time we went camping as a family, my wife was pregnant with our youngest, Hudson. And the tent was quite full, as I remember, even without him. So going camping would necessitate buying a new tent that would house us. Ordinarily I’d be perfect fine with going tent shopping. I’m not much of a shopper unless we’re going big. And since we never go big, I’m not much of a shopper.

But I also didn’t want to take the chance for camping out away from the kids. The solution?

We pitched our tent in the family room.

Now, let me run down a few of the pluses of this arrangement:

1. No hard, rocky ground to contend with.
2. Bathrooms are nearby and are well…bathrooms.
3. Don’t have to worry about getting rained out.
4. No directional disorientation when you emerge from your tent in the morning. (When I go camping, there always seems to be some elf or woodland creature that turns my tent while I’m sleeping.)
5. The kids love the tent while Mom and Dad love their own bed upstairs.
And the bonus: Does your tent offer this?

Yup. Unzip the window and there’s the TV, with the Wii and “Star Wars: The Complete Saga” ready for early morning gaming.
Yup, we roughed it last night. And when I say “we”, I mean the kids.
Okay, on to other things like my nose. Over the past day, the bridge of my nose has become a bit swollen with no explanation whatsoever. Not only that, but its sore, too. I woke up yesterday with a strange sensation that my nose had grown. And let me assure that while I am not the Mayor of Schnozville, I have been a long time tax-paying resident. So, the thought of being some modern-day version of Pinocchio doesn’t really warm my heart. I took some sinus medicine last night before bed and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, the best has not yet arrived. I’ll have to wait it out, I guess.

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