God is in the derails.

I seem more awakened to God’s presence when storms of life arise. Somehow He seems closer when I’m faced with difficulties.

I’ve heard it said this way: “You’re either in a crisis, coming out of a crisis, or going into a crisis.”

Well, I’m not sure I’m that fatalistic or gray-clouded in my thinking. It’s a little too “Eeyore” for me. But in there is a nugget of truth about how our lives move along. And if you were to read the Bible cover to cover, you’d find that the manifest power and presence of God is most evident to His creation in times of uncertainty, fear, and turmoil. It’s not too much of a stretch to say that it was God who wanted closeness to humans when it was humans who wanted distance from God, after and because of the first sin. It was God who called out “Where are you?” while humans hid because of the turmoil they had found themselves in. I’m understanding of, but likewise weary of people who seem to blame God for their problems and wonder where He is when tough times come. God has always been and will always be EXACTLY where you want Him to be in your life. In our area (Richmond, VA) there is a chain of fitness gyms (maybe worldwide, I don’t know) called “American Family Fitness”. Their slogan is simple and pertinent to us spiritually: “As fit as you want to be.” Just like that simple slogan, God is as near as you want Him to be. As powerful as God is, He will (for now) stay at whatever distance you decide.

That speaks nothing of His power, however. God is not only incredibly powerful, not only is He the most powerful, but He is the author and creator of power. Without Him, there is no power. So, power is not the issue. The issue is our submission to allow God, by His power and grace, to redeem situations that seem unredeemable.

And so it is in the derails of life that we see the hand of God most clearly. Crisis not only brings people closer to each other, but closer to God if they’ll allow it. When we are mindful of His presence, He we are able to see Him work in the midst of our trials.

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