Faith & Facts

You’ve probably heard the expression “blind faith”. When someone uses the term “blind faith”, they usually have this picture of stepping out into nothing, having no evidence in which to put any weight.

But God doesn’t expect you to exhibit any “blind faith” in your walk with Him. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that putting your faith in Christ is not nearly as much of an exercise of faith as something like atheism.

And this coming Sunday (March 8), you’re going to hear a lot of that evidence. Its going to be real, rock-solid fact that you can know that the Bible you read truly is the Word of God. It is authentic, reliable, and true.

Your reading for today is Hebrews 11:1. If you don’t have your Bible handy, you can look it up at and read it there.

After you read that verse in Hebrews, think about and answer these questions:
1. In your own words, what is faith?
2. What kinds of things do you put your faith in everyday, maybe without realizing it?
3. If a friend asked you why you believe in God, or Jesus, or the Bible, what would you say?

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