Reading and Thoughts for Monday, March 2

If you’re anything like me you made lots of trips between your yard to play and your livingroom to warm back up today. We’re fortunate enough to have a fireplace (even though its gas) and there’s just something about a row of snow boots lined up in front of the fire, getting ready for the next trip outside that makes you feel good! All this, and just like you, I just got the recording that tomorrow will be a snow day, too! Woohoo!

Today I found myself kind of sitting around wondering, “what do I do now?” I wasn’t going to drive anywhere, we don’t have cable, and well…I wasn’t feeling terribly motivated on a day like today to do very much.

So, I began to think about Romans 8:28. If you’re not familiar with it, go ahead and look it up. You can use your Bible or try to look it up.

Romans 8:28 tells us that “everything works together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.”

Have you ever heard this verse before?
What does it say, in your own words?
What do you think that means?
Where in your life do you need to apply that?
If this verse is true, why have I been in a car accident, in courtrooms, and at cemeteries with people who love God?

Pick as many of these questions as you’d like, and answer them by clicking on the comment link below! And enjoy your 2nd snow day on Tuesday!

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