In a recent conversation, I was reminded of something quite critical to faith: assurance and action.

First, what I know, I must know. It’s really quite that simple. I must be assured. Without knowing my faith is assured, my convictions would be up for grabs. But they’re not. Because I know. I could go on and on, page after page on this one matter of faith (“pistis” in the original Greek), but that’s really unnecessary. Just know what you know. I do.

Second, it’s the issue of action. I was talking with my mother-in-law today about this very issue. She shared openly about the fear she lives with that she’s not living quite enough like Christ, or not doing enough for His Kingdom. As an outsider looking into her life, I’d say her fears are quite unfounded. However, I’m not her–she is and just like you and just like me, nobody’s in our head and thinks our thoughts the way we think them; whether they’re unfounded or not. Because they’re ours.

There’s a parable Jesus tells about a shepherd and a flock in front of him. Jesus says that when the Son of Man comes (that’s Jesus), and all His angels with Him, He’ll separate the nations like a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. (Alot to unwrap right there, but I’ll move on for now).

Basically–long parable short–it all comes down to what the sheep or goat DID. The sheep in the parable did the right and good things; like feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the imprisoned, etc. The goats didn’t. The criteria as to whether they were ushered into heaven or hell wasn’t based on belief–it was based on action….based on belief. I must be reminded that if what I believe doesn’t affect how I behave, then I don’t really believe it.

So, my spiritual life, at its core is knowing and doing. So much more to say, but its too much and I’m too tired.

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