Happy Other’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. This morning my 4 kids and I poured the love onto my wife, and in no uncertain terms let her know just how much we adore her. From homemade cards to framed pictures of the kids, to a slightly more “pricey” gift from me, we just let her have it!

While she was opening the couple gifts we got her, I was holding our youngest and whispered in his ear “go tell Mommy Happy Mother’s Day!” He slid out of my lap and went to her, nearly nose to nose and said in a cheerful voice “Happy Other’s Day!”

Close enough, I thought. But then I realized that this 3 year old hit it right on the head. The reason we cherish mother’s so much is because they’re all about others. It’s never (or seldom at best) that a Mom would put herself, her own interests, her own welfare before those of her family. They truly are “others” focused. And that’s why we’re enamored by them and the selfless love they show every day. Case in point, my wife decided that the gift I got her would go back, so that she could use the money in a more practical way.

So, to my own wife, to my own Mom, and to all Mom’s who might ever read this, I say, “Happy Other’s Day!”

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